Vinnitsa Missions Conference

Scriptural Missionary Prayer
May 19, 2016
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July 28, 2016
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Vinnitsa Missions Conference

Praying in Vinnitsa

Conference in VinnitsaThank you for praying with us that at least 20% of the attendees would say “Yes” to missionary service. Actually, 25% said “Yes.” Hallelujah!

Here are some highlights from our conference:

1. 130 registered for this event, although many more attended without registering. The attendees ranged from ages 15 to 25, plus a few adult sponsors from the churches.

2. We invited four missionary speakers who have had first-hand experience serving the Lord cross-culturally:

  • Pavel serves the Lord in the Caucasus. (Face not shown due to his ministry with Muslims)
  • Roman served for three years in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
  • Richard served as a church planter for 15 years in the Philippines
  • Artyom just returned from serving for 4 months in Thailand

Four Conference Speakers in Vinnitsa

3. I am grateful that 48 of the registered attendees made written commitments to the Lord!

  • 20 committed to financially support missionaries
  • 22 committed to promote missions in their home churches
  • 30 indicated an interest in learning more about missionary service
  • 33 committed to serve the Lord as missionaries, including one newly married couple who have already served on short-term trips in Tajikistan and Egypt.
  • 41 committed to pray for missionaries
  • [Many made more than one commitment, i.e. both praying and serving]

Praying participants of the conference

4. About a dozen prayed with me after the conference was over and asked practical questions about knowing God’s will and about life on the mission field

Bonus Blessings:

  • I distributed flash drives to each youth pastor containing over 30 videos in Russian about world missions. I want to help them continue teaching about missions in their home churches
  • For some youth, this was their third time to attend one of our conferences. Although they are young, they are demonstrating a sustained interest in missionary service!
  • We’ve already scheduled follow-up meetings for those who made commitments. Please pray that these willing young people will bear much fruit for the Lord.