Guest Missions Professor in Ukraine

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December 23, 2009
Assistant Director of the World Missions Department in Ukraine
December 23, 2009
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Guest Missions Professor in Ukraine

Serve as a self-supported missions professor for a 2-week course in Ukraine.

Qualified applicants will have all their needs cared for once they reach Kiev. This includes local transportation, housing, meals and a interpreter. Classes are conducted in Russian via an interpreter.  Most courses are 40 class hours – two weeks in duration, four hours per day.  Syllabus needed four months in advance of the course (for translation and pre-assignments).

Click here to see a brochure listing courses needing professors and answers to FAQ’s

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Courses Needing a Professor as of January, 2010

 Year     Month             Course Title                                                  Class

2010    Late Sept        Missionary Anthropology                      Sophomores

2011     Mid Feb          Missions History                                         Freshmen

                Late May       Responding to World Religions            Sophomores

                Early Sept     Spiritual Life of the Missionary            Juniors

                Mid Sept        Missionary Anthropology                      Sophomores

 2012    Mid Feb          Missions History                                        Freshmen

               Mid April        Contextualization and Strategy           Juniors

               Late May        Responding to World Religions            Sophomores

               Late Aug         Encountering Islam                                  Seniors

               Early Sept       Spiritual Life of the Missionary           Juniors

               Mid Sept         Missionary Anthropology                      Sophomores

 2013    Late Jan          Emotional and Physical Health

                                           of the Missionary                                      Seniors

                 Mid Feb         Missions History                                       Freshmen

                 Late Mar        Methods of Language Acquisition    Seniors

                 Mid April       Contextualization and Strategy         Juniors

                 Late May        Responding to World Religions         Sophomores

                 Mid Sept         Missionary Anthropology                   Sophomores

  1. Basic Travel Agenda
    1. Fly to Kiev.  Depending on your airline, it may change planes in one of the following cities: London, Amsterdam, Munich or Frankfort
    2. Teach for one or two weeks, normally for 4 hours per day
    3. Return home, via Europe. You may choose to stop over.
  2. Qualifications
    1. Missiological education
    2. Cross-cultural ministry experience
    3. Formal teaching experience
  3. What ENI will Provide
    1. Local transportation
    2. Housing and meals
    3. Arrangement for a translator
  4. What You will Provide
    1. Your own international airfare to Kiev, Ukraine
    2. Overseas health insurance – this may be purchased by the day
    3. Your extra, tourist expenses
  5. Course Requirements
    1. Each course is taught for two weeks, 4 hours per day
    2. Syllabus and handout materials must be submitted in advance for translation
    3. Reading materials must be limited to texts available in Russian (ask for a list)

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Write Rich at: P.O. Box 7243 Charlotte, NC

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